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Meditation In Action Retreats That Touch The World

Bringing Meditation to Life in Europe

We offer opportunities to bring together meditation practice and service work in humanitarian and ecological projects within Europe 1. We find that cultivating connection to ourselves supports our ability to do positive actions in the world. And that activities done for the benefit of others and the world, supports us to feel more easefully connected with ourselves.

We currently run retreats supporting refugees in Calais, France and environmental diversity in the Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales, and Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, London.

Meet our team of volunteer trustees and facilitators.

To see our current events and retreats visit our sister organisation: SanghaSeva.org
To learn more about the similarities and differences between Meditation in Action and SanghaSeva please read our clarifications and definitions of the organisations page.

Meditation in Action is a registered CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) in the UK (Charity number: 1193150). To view our charity documents visit our Polices and Procedures page.

We mean Europe in the broad sense of the whole continent.

We wish to make this clear as the term Europe is sometimes used to refer to: Continental Europe, just the contiguous mainland of Europe excluding the islands surrounding it (like the UK); or the European Union, the political supranational entity that European countries could choose to leave.

What's Special About Our Retreats

Not Just Silent and Still

Meditation or contemplation sound like passive and solitary ways of being, but they come through us in active and engaging ways. They shape who we feel ourselves to be, and they affect how connected we feel we are to the world.

Compassion in Action

We naturally feel care and concern for others, but we don't always find the opportunity to express our compassion. We wish to make those opportunities accessible, affordable, and nourishing.

Awareness and Connection

Increased self-awareness––how we naturally react and respond––is a liberating skill to gain. Learning more about other's conditions, by meeting them in their lives, supports empathy, perspective, and deeply meaningful connections.

Deep Listening

While silent meditation is a training of listening deeply within. That practice of staying steady and sensitive is a transferable, and transformative, skill we can bring into the world.

Inner and Outer Transformation

We feel we can learn more skilful ways to see and relate to the world––inside and out. When our acts come from a wide base of kindness and compassion we create less stress for ourselves, and the world begins to change for the good.

Cultivating Wisdom Together

We all have a lot to learn in life. On our retreats we live and practice as a micro community. We find when we come together we can accelerate growth and learning.

Sister Organisations

We feel you may also be interested in these organisations that are doing sensitive and caring work in the world.


SanghaSeva offer retreats combining positive action with inner exploration in India and Israel-Palestine.

Whether planting trees on deforested land, openly listening to people's suffering, or massaging the stiff limbs of a healed leper, love and wisdom can come through.

Visit SanghaSeva.org to learn more and join a nourishing event

Spring Up Foundation

Spring Up Foundation supports a hopeful future by funding further education in Palestine.

There are many young Palestinians who would like to expand their skill set or to study for a profession but due to living under military occupation they do not have the means to finance it themselves.

Help make a difference or learn more at SpringUpFoundation.org

Theory and Practice

We feel you may also be interested in these websites that are exploring inner and outer transformation.

Being Peace

To learn to live together on this beautiful planet we need both outer and inner transformation.

Exploring the techniques and tools for inner and outer work so that we can unlock our shared potential. Can we begin the transformation of the world right here and now with ourselves, our views, and our actions?

Learn the ways to "be the change you wish to see " at Being Peace

Daily Life Matters

Daily life offers many opportunities to bring sensitivity into the meeting of spirituality and practicality.

It's difficult to know who we can trust, what to prioritise, or even which things are worth doing. Let's find uniquely creative responses to express our humanity; exploring ethics, the environment, and money.

Join the exploration at Daily Life Matters

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